About BPS

Berkeley Prosopography Services (BPS) is exploring and developing a prototype application to build prosopographical models that support research. The prototype focuses on a corpus of cuneiform tablets transcribed into Babylonian. For more information, see the project wiki pages.

BPS was originally created at the University of California, Berkeley as a collaboration between the University's IST/Data Services group and the Near Eastern Studies Department

An article about the project has just been published in Berkeley's iNews: Using Natural Language Processing and Social Network Analysis to study ancient Babylonian society.

BPS is an open-source project created under the Apache 2.0 license. To find the project source code and collaborate, see the project wiki.

Project Team:

Patrick Schmitz, Semantic Services Architect, IST/Data Services, U.C. Berkeley
Dr. Laurie Pearce, Near Eastern Studies, U.C. Berkeley
Prof. Niek Veldhuis, Near Eastern Studies, U.C. Berkeley
Prof. Steve Tinney, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, U. Penn