Welcome to BPS!

There's some background on the project on our About page, and links to the related project homes are in the footer, below.

This site and the tools are still under development, but you are welcome to look around and see what's here. You can register for a basic account, with read-only access. Or, if you just want to browse a little, you can login in as "Reader" using the password "reader" to get read-only access (surprise!).

If you want to work with BPS with your corpus, you'll need to ask for more access. If you know either of Laurie or Patrick, just send us an email with a description of your interest and any corpora you are working on, and we'll create a login for you. You can also contact us using the Contact Us page.

If you click on the Corpora link in the main navigation bar, you will see a list of the corpora that have been added. Once you are a registered user, you'll have a workspace as well, where you can import a corpus, configure the parameters and rules for our disambiguation engine, and see BPS in action!

Thanks for visiting.